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Founders Day offers attendees a wide variety of offerings. We invite you to join one, or all, of the programs that have been curated by BuildOUT California Founders and Associates to inspire, motivate and build jobs, contracts and opportunity!


Founders General Assembly (closed session)

10:00AM to 12:30PM (NOB HILL A/B) 

Golden Pitches featuring 12 exceptional LGBT businesses in the AEC industries

1:00PM to 2:30PM (NOB HILL A/B)

Rainbow Roundtable:  Moving Goods and People throughout California and Beyond

3:00PM to 4:30PM (NOB HILL A/B)

Transportation Working Group (TWG): Technology & Environmental Sustainability: The Growing Impact on Mobility Planning and Construction

3:00PM to 4:00PM (NOB HILL C/D)

Building California’s Workforce: Collaboration Equals Success!


4:15PM to 5:00PM (NOB HILL A/B)

NPUC-BuildOUT California and Decarbonization

4:30PM to 6:00PM (GRAND FOYER)

VIP Reception Honoring Public Agencies Engaging with LGBT/Minority Businesses

6:00PM to 8:00PM (SALONS 1 - 7)

Gala Dinner & Awards Program


The After Party – The View Lounge, 39th Floor



Founders Day offers attendees a wide variety of offerings. We invite you to join one, or all, of the programs that have been curated by BuildOUT California Founders and Associates to inspire, motivate and build jobs, contracts and opportunity!

10:00AM to 12:30PM  Golden Pitch: REGISTRATION CLOSED
1:00PM to 2:30PM — Rainbow Roundtable: REGISTRATION CLOSED
3:00PM to 4:30PM — Transportation Working Group (TWG): REGISTRATION CLOSED
3:00PM to 4:00PM — Building California's Workforce: REGISTRATION CLOSED

4:15PM to 5:00PM — NPUC-BOC and Decarbonization: REGISTRATION CLOSED
4:30PM to 6:00PM  VIP Reception: REGISTRATION CLOSED
6:00PM to 8:00PM  Gala Dinner & Awards Program: REGISTRATION CLOSED
8:01PM  The After Party at the View Lounge / 39th Floor

Event Registration


Public Agencies throughout California have long included Small, Minority, Women, and Disabled Veteran Businesses in their outreach and education programs geared toward their respective public contracting opportunities. Join us as we celebrate the growing inclusion of LGBT businesses to those outreach efforts throughout California and beyond!


Attendance at the VIP reception is through sponsorship or purchasing an individual ticket (which also includes attendance at the Gala Dinner & Awards Program). 



VIP Reception


It has been a long, and challenging, two years for the Built Community as we have endured the impacts of COVID-19.  Now – it’s time to celebrate our successes and what’s in store for the future! 


Join us for this important element of our Founders Day as we’ll be sharing a number of exciting announcements regarding BuildOUT California!


We are thrilled to have Mr. Scott Blair, Editor-In-Chief of ENR Magazine as our emcee for the Gala Dinner & Awards Program.


With California being the fifth largest economy in the world we will be shining the spotlight on two iconic projects under construction in California that include the meaningful participation of LGBT businesses and professionals. In addition, we’ll be highlighting four extraordinary Californians who are literally transforming how the Built Communities are engaging with the LGBT and Minority business communities.


And, since we all live in a ‘global economy’ we’ll be honoring several individuals from outside our state-boundaries for their vision, commitment, and achievements in the areas of equality, equity and empowerment within the AEC and Real Estate Communities.


Attendance at the Gala Dinner & Awards Program is through sponsorship or purchasing an individual ticket (which also includes attendance at the VIP Reception).




Gala Awards-Dinner


The Founders Day Golden Pitch will be both a ‘live/in-person’ event and will also be broadcast via Zoom for those individuals/decision makers who can’t join us at the Marriott Marquis Hotel.


There will be twelve Golden Pitches held on Founder’s Day.  Each firm will have:


  • Seven-minute presentation focused on qualifications, capacity and experience

  • Seven-minutes of Q & A from audience members and Zoom Meeting participants

  • One-minute for a ‘wrap’ up


The roster of firms participating in the Golden Pitch include (listed alphabetically):

AerialZeus — Engineering Consulting
Anco Iron & Construction — Steel Fabrication & Construction Materials Supply
Concrete Exchange — Construction Materials Supply
Destination Enterprises — Construction & Project Management
Laner Electric Supply — Electrical Materials Supply
Morgner — Construction & Project Management
Parkins Data Science & Analytics — Data Analytics

Pride Resource Partners — Construction & Project Management
Sestak Lighting — Lighting Design and C-10 Electrical Contractor
Uber-Tech — Utility Technical Project Management
Urb-In Design — Infrastructure & Design
Watearth — Water Resources and Green Infrastructure

Following each presentation copies of the respective firm’s PowerPoint Decks and Statements of Qualifications will be made available to participants.



Golden Pitch


The Rainbow Roundtable is where LGBT/Allied professionals from throughout California exchange information pertaining to key region-specific infrastructure planning, construction projects, upcoming procurement opportunities, outreach events and team building activities.


The Rainbow Roundtable has taken on additional significance as California, and the United States, begin to roll out an unprecedented level of funding to support a wide range of infrastructure projects.


California is the nation’s largest gateway for international trade and domestic commerce, with an extensive system of ports, highways and railways that move millions of tons of cargo, and millions of people every day. Through these gateways, and throughout California, the movement of goods and people are a focus among state agencies, city governments and our very own BuildOUT California members, as they collaborate on ways to improve our infrastructure effectively as we build back better post pandemic.


Our panel of industry experts will highlight the work already being done to move along our vibrant economy with a heavy focus on accomplishing this in a clean, efficient, and innovative manner, ensuring that our goods and people move safely and efficiently throughout our great state.


This Rainbow Roundtable is unlike our others in that we’re showcasing our knowledge level of these challenges, and our support of these agencies as they execute on projects that solve these critical issues.


Panel Topics to be discussed include:


  • Rebuilding Ridership

  • Safety/Safe Crossing

  • Quiet Zone Studies

  • Electrification of Freight and Railways

  • Transit Oriented Development

  • Innovative Technology/Approach to Solve Challenges (Alternative Delivery)



Rainbow Roundtable


BuildOUT California’s Transportation Working Group (TWG) is a cross-functional advocacy group comprised of world-renowned infrastructure delivery subject matter experts in all phases of infrastructure delivery, including policy, planning, building, operation, and legacy.  TWG supports the successful delivery of all major projects, including roads, bridges, railways, autonomous vehicles, schools, hospitals, housing, IT and major transportation programs.


The Founders Day TWG  will focus attention on what will California’s mobility solutions and transportation infrastructure, be built like, look like, and operate like in the future? What can we expect and what do we need to start doing in the next 5 years to get there?


This panel discussion will focus on how changing demographics, policies and behaviors are affecting our mobility and infrastructure needs, and how innovative technologies and business approaches are being applied to find solutions and stretch resources to deliver better projects.


Mobility is about movement of people and goods and is essential for:


  • Supporting net migration predictions in California

  • Maintaining California’s economic position and growth (GDP Growth)

  • Enhanced quality of life

  • Attracting talent


There is no doubt we are moving from a roads and vehicle ownership era to a sustainable mobility era with a network of interconnecting solutions providing the answers.   However, some common elements that we will rely upon to support our sustainable mobility is technology, mobility planning and efficient construction.





BuildOUT California’s Founders, and Leadership, have long been involved in addressing the issues surrounding the workforce shortage.  No where is that shortage more pronounced than in the built community as a whole.  However, the pathways for LGBTQ individuals to get involved in the construction industry have been literally non-existent for a multitude of deeply rooted reasons.   The June 1, 2022 Founders Day will make history in this area as we will, for the very first time, address this issue ‘head on’ in a public setting with a panel of workforce development subject matter experts, most of whom operate in the realm of construction trade and administration programs, will discuss how we ‘turn the tide’ in this disparity.


Issues to be discussed in this breakout session include:


  • Developing a recruitment pipeline for LGBTQ individuals interested in construction

  • Engaging with LGBTQ millennials as it relates to careers in construction and A&E

  • Changing deeply seated cultures and mindsets as it relates to LGBTQ workforce inclusion

  • Engaging and empowering LGBTQ professionals already in the workforce

  • Tracking what does and doesn’t work and becoming a statewide, national, international resource as it relates to “Lessons Learned”

  • Communicating the value of construction careers to LGBTQ/Allied individuals


All of these topics will be discussed within the context of:


  • Promoting effective methods for workforce recruitment, training and retention, including partnerships with existing organizations that attract, train and retain construction industry workers.

  • Forming Progressive Labor Alliances to empower LGBTQ workforce development programming

  • Promoting contractor outreach to assess their workforce development programs in order to drive skilled labor growth and help prevent shortage-related challenges.

  • Recognizing the outstanding efforts that alleviate skilled craft shortages and promote skilled-trades training and journeyman upgrading.





The National Public Utilities Council (NPUC) is the go to resource for all things utilities and decarbonization. Through hosting roundtables, continuous reporting, and so much more, we provide utilities with necessary tools to brainstorm tangible solutions and overcome barriers to decarbonization.


We pride ourselves on being relatable, personable, industry connected, and nationally connected. This is exemplified through our premier partnership with BuildOUT California. Angel Lance, Founder of the NPUC, serves as BuildOUT California’s Climate Change & Decarbonization Program Director.


This Breakout Session will highlight information related to:

  • Utility obstacles, goals, and solutions to decarbonization

  • Next-level thinking and paving the road to net zero

  • Key findings in the upcoming NPUC annual report

  • BuildOUT California’s growing thought-leadership in this ever-expanding arena



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